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5. Rato   (03.03.2010 13:08) E-mail
Bonjour, Guten Tag, Merhaba, Annyeong... Hej smile !

Confidence in the credit markets may be gaining momentum, as the numbers show that American consumers are borrowing again. According to the Federal Reserve, the 11 month decrease in consumer borrowing has come to a halt this month...!


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4. inantoredband   (20.02.2010 02:59) E-mail
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3. Phowl   (18.02.2010 21:11) E-mail
Bonjour, Guten Tag, Merhaba, Annyeong... Hej smile !

'Maga No Need Pay' is the latest pop song to make its way around West African radio waves, and the message behind it is clear: just say "no" to cyber-crime. Nigeria, is a hotbed of "419" advanced fee scams, which typically involve scammers disguised as princes, etc. Music can certainly exert a powerful influence over society...!


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2. projectcontrolsd   (02.02.2010 12:10) E-mail
project controls manager


1. weathertodays   (31.01.2010 16:53) E-mail
I the tourist. Please prompt... Where it is possible to find out weather edinburgh today



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